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CloudArc is one of a select few groups of worldclass companies that provide both Salesforce seats and the consulting, customization and development for your Salesforce implementation to solve the unique challenges of your business. This ever maturing model as your business grows with our turn-key approach allows us to help you get the most out of Salesforce by minimizing your risk, reducing your overall costs, and solving the specific problems that prompted you to buy Salesforce in the first place.

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Flexible Solutions

As your needs evolve, the way you allocate funds can also change.

Our Process at CloudArc

Our process at CloudArc is pretty simple.

Salesforce health Check

At CloudArc we use what we call the Salesforce health check to quickly assess how your business is using Salesforce. We identify where there might be inefficiencies in the license types you have or how you are using Salesforce. We will examine how your business currently uses foundational elements of Salesforce such as activities and other collaboration tools and suggest ways that you might improve efficiency and outcome.

Working on customized solutions

Working on customized solutions with businesses taught us how to understand industries, their drivers, and the technology solutions they needed. We applied this knowledge to our approach for products we designed for broad deployment across multiple industry sectors. We have optimized the impact of a technology solution on one of the most powerful cloud-based platforms in the world – Salesforce – by combining industry sector knowledge and technology. This has enabled us to create and market a solution that is much more cost competitive than what is available with many other offerings. Our offerings promote business efficiencies for customers without burdening them with extra features they don’t need and won’t use.

Implementation with 6Ds

For any customer with whom we work we use the “6Ds” to implement new Salesforce orgs or changes to existing orgs. “6Ds” stands for:

  • 1) Discovery,
  • 2) Design,
  • 3) Development,
  • 4) Due diligence,
  • 5) Demonstrate and direct, and
  • 6) Drive adoption.

Using the 6Ds process, we identify solutions you need or changes to an existing solution that will improve an existing Salesforce org, design and develop the new content or modifications, test, train users, and create reports and dashboards to help users, managers, and executives understand where adjustments or enhancements may improve business processes or training to optimize your ROI on your Salesforce investment.


We start with a conversation to better understand what issues you’re facing in your business. If you’re really struggling with the tool and you are not capitalizing on the annual expense, then let’s dial those numbers back to better align the technology spend with the problem you’re solving. Our onboarding philosophy for any new software adoption is to first help you “Crawl”, then “Walk”, and finally, “Run”… with incremental changes and training to best align your people and processes with your technology acquisition. 

CloudArc – Leadership

CloudArc staff began their work in CRM more than twenty years ago. As a Salesforce partner since 2010, we developed customized solutions for companies that were specific to their unique business needs. Our solutions were deployed in medical, media, construction, venture capital, property management, and many other market segments. We soon recognized that, between our expertise in CRM, our partner status with Salesforce, and our ability to create products to serve many vertical markets, we had a unique opportunity to broaden impact for businesses looking for the ideal solution to help strengthen their bottom line.

We turned our attention to offering Salesforce Platform-based solutions that harness all the powerful functionality of Salesforce without the confusion, headache, or customization often required for Salesforce when acquired “out of the box.

Many customers only need Platform and we can configure it to their specific needs. For customers who do in fact need all of the objects included in Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, we can assist them using our status as a Salesforce OSP partner to provide them with the license access needed.

Some of the Industries we Serve

Manufacturing | Medical & Health | Financial | Government | Education | Retail | Technology | Utilities | Construction | Real Estate | Hospitality

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