Looking for a Salesforce Reseller or Salesforce Partner? Here Are A Few Tips

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Published: June, 2023 | By: Steve Snapp, CloudArc Founder

Looking for a Salesforce Reseller or Salesforce Partner? Here are a few tips and things you should know.

Now more than ever is a time to put Salesforce to work via a Salesforce partner instead of going directly through the Salesforce corporate structure. Working with a Salesforce partner like CloudArc to acquire your Salesforce licenses as well as any consulting support you need makes sense for the following reasons.

7 Reasons Why Working with a Salesforce Partner has its Advantages

  1. Reduced Risk: Working with a Salesforce reseller or partner will enable you to collaborate with a business that can help you structure your Salesforce instance exactly as you need it. This results in a solution well-suited to your business and also reduces your risk in acquiring and deploying Technology that doesn’t fit with your People or your Processes. At CloudArc, we use our subject matter expertise for customers in various market verticals to deploy Salesforce solutions that are designed around the unique needs of their business. This reduces risk to customers because they are working with a Salesforce partner who understands what drives their bottom line and can help them track and visualize the performance of their business in Salesforce.
  2. Cost Savings: A Salesforce partner and reseller won’t push product on you that you may not need. In many cases, Salesforce partners and resellers like CloudArc won’t even encourage you to start with Sales Cloud or Service Cloud. Instead, they will suggest you start with licensing options best suited to your business. For example, Salesforce Platform has most of the functionality of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud but with a reduced price. Salesforce resellers and partners will often recommend you start with Salesforce Platform to meet your business needs. You get the Technology you need but for it will cost you less. What’s more, resellers and partners often have built specific industry vertical solutions that are readily adopted by your business in a shorter time frame. CloudArc has market vertical solutions already built for manufacturers, construction companies, and businesses in the medical space. Adoption of these solutions for your business can result in a faster implementation at a reduced cost.
  3. Start Simple: It’s easy to be led to believe that you need complicated customizations in your Salesforce instance to derive the results you need. However, at CloudArc, we won’t push you in the direction of those types of customizations unless you really need them and your business and users are ready for them. Our approach is to start simple with what we call the Results Framework. Using that framework, we help you optimize the core, out of the box Salesforce features before ever thinking about customizations or other enhancements. Keeping things simple allows for you to make sure that your People and your Processes are aligned with your Technology solution in Salesforce before adding complexity.
  4. Customizations on Your Timeline: In the event you find your business does need customizations, Salesforce partners and resellers can help tailor the software to your specific business needs using their expertise and knowledge of Salesforce to create custom workflows, develop custom applications, and integrate Salesforce with other systems in your business. At CloudArc, we encourage only embarking on these types of customizations and integrations when your People and Processes are aligned so you can derive the most value from your Technology.
  5. Fast and Efficient Implementation: Working with a Salesforce partner or reseller, you can achieve very quick and efficient implementation of Salesforce. This is particularly true when applying the principles of the Results Framework. At CloudArc, we will work with you to identify which Salesforce functionalities are most important for your business. Whether it’s tracking accounts, contacts, sales team activities, projects, etc., we will help you hone in on those most important things to help simplify adoption within your business and set up your users for success. We will walk you through how to encourage behaviors to drive impact using reports and dashboards also. Once your users become adept with using basic features in the system, you can then assess what enhancements or additions may be needed to optimize your Salesforce implementation. Salesforce partners have experience working with businesses across industries. This knowledge enables them to guide you through the Salesforce implementation process – all the way from the beginning as you define requirements through the design process and system launch. Time savings, minimized errors, and a reduced learning curve for your internal teams are just a few of the positive outcomes you may experience.
  6. Training and Support: Salesforce partners and resellers can provide specific training in Salesforce that is unique to your business and users. This is often a game-changer when adopting a new system. The unique training offered to your business goes far beyond what you would receive with a standard Salesforce implementation. Salesforce partners and resellers also provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your Salesforce implementation runs smoothly. Assistance with troubleshooting, system updates, and enhancements are just a few of the things with which Salesforce resellers and partners are able to assist you.
  7. Scalability and Flexibility: With time, your business may change and grow which could necessitate changes with your Salesforce solution. Working with a reseller or partner, you will be able to scale and adapt your Salesforce implementation based on your specific needs. As your needs change, Salesforce resellers and partners can assist you with adding new features, integrating Salesforce with your other business systems, or expanding user access. This may include even changing your license model and moving to Sales Cloud or Service Cloud. The partner will take the time to understand how you are using Salesforce so that enhancements made to your Salesforce implementation will generate value and return.

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Steve Snapp, CloudArc Founder

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