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Published: June, 2023 | By: Steve Snapp, CloudArc Founder

Looking for the Best CRM solution that includes built-in AI and real-time data analysis but don’t know where to start? Hello Salesforce Service Cloud.

Have you been looking for a CRM solution that includes built-in AI and real-time data analysis but don’t know where to start? Or are you still trying to understand what to do with all the information you’re hearing about “built-in AI” and “real-time data insights” and how to apply them to your business? Lots of details about these features are available but less obvious for many is an explanation of how to leverage them for real impact. Where do you put your energy and where do you start?

At a very basic level, artificial intelligence or “AI” is intelligence or – perceiving, synthesizing, and inferring information – demonstrated by a machine.

AI overcomes the need for certain human analysis because a machine is able to provide similar conclusions and recommendations. A fundamental element of effective AI is good data. Regardless of whether you’re using data to predict the stock market or customer satisfaction trends, you must have robust, clean data. Only after you have quality data can AI be used successfully to train algorithms that then can inform and improve your Processes and decisions. For Salesforce Service Cloud customers, using built-in AI features and obtaining real-time data analysis and insight from your Salesforce instance is only possible if you have reliable data that is easily accessed and searched. Without a firm foundation built on data you can reliably access and trust, the advanced functionality of AI and real-time data analysis is not of any value and can be quite expensive to maintain.

So let’s explore a bit more about getting your data in order so that you can be prepared to think about how Service Cloud could be used in your business to utilize built-in AI and real-time data analysis.

First, you must put the data you want to analyze in one location.

For example, you may be wanting to better understand the kinds of service requests your customers have. Or you might be wondering how you could better direct new customer leads to certain products that might be of interest to them without them having to talk with a sales rep. Setting up AI for these types of situations is possible in Salesforce Service Cloud so long as you have the data about past service requests or the information about new customer requests in a synchronized format that is searchable and cataloged. Only then can you use that data to “train” an AI algorithm to make recommendations in future service requests or to new customers. Without consistently-formatted data that is accessible,AI and real-time data analysis won’t be feasible.

After you have gotten your data in order and you have a very clear understanding of your Processes, the People who are part of them, as well as the role you need Technology to play, then you can start thinking about how to use built-in AI and real-time data analysis in Service Cloud to inform your business. It’s also worth noting that if you are not yet ready to embark on using AI, you can accomplish a tremendous amount by simply using workflow automations to help you eliminate manual Processes that can be time consuming for your People.

When our customers first embark on deploying AI for their businesses, we encourage them to consider what outcome they want to achieve. Are they trying to speed up the pace at which customers resolve common issues with the usage of Salesforce chatbots? Are they trying to check the status of customer claims or orders? Or are they trying to provide customer service reps with information so customer issues can be routed to the most appropriate agent to resolve the matter quickly? The scenarios described above are all examples where built-AI in Salesforce Service Cloud can be used.

Equally important for customers who are using built-in AI and real-time data analysis in

Salesforce Service Cloud is use of key reports and dashboards to effectively measure the impact of AI and real-time data analysis have on their business.

We always remind customers about the power of reports and dashboard to influence behaviors within the business and to measure progress and impact. If you are interested in learning more about our approach to optimizing reports and dashboards, check out our video on Salesforce dashboard best practices.

Whether you are cleaning up your data and putting it in one location in preparation for use of built-in AI or real-time data analysis, or you’re further along the path to training algorithms that can be used in AI features to improve your customer’s experience, I encourage you to go through our website or listen in on one of our regularly-scheduled webinars. We share best practices we have learned over the years in our work with customers in many different market verticals on their journey to implement the power of Salesforce for their business.

We are in a unique position because not only are we consultants in Salesforce but also we are a Salesforce partner who can resell Salesforce product directly.

So if you are hesitant to engage with Salesforce directly, let’s talk. We would love to help you.

Learn more about the CloudArc Approach

If you would like to learn more about the CloudArc approach that is based on the processes and guidelines described herein, register for our upcoming Webinar to get a front row seat with our experts and a zero pressure introduction.

Steve Snapp, CloudArc Founder

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