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Published: July, 2023 | By: Steve Snapp, CloudArc Founder

The Best Real Estate CRM with Concierge Real Estate Setup & Implementation

When searching for the best real estate CRM software that includes concierge setup and implementation services, you will find several options. Despite the availability of different platforms like Contactually, Top Producer, Zoho CRM, and others, time and again Salesforce proves to be a leader in helping real estate businesses reach their sales and property management goals.

A closer look at Salesforce features makes it clear why it’s the best real estate CRM software. Provided below is an explanation of Salesforce’s powerful features and how they can help drive your business forward.

Real Estate Contact Management CRM

Contact management is a vital part of any real estate business and Salesforce’s straightforward set up for managing your accounts and contacts make it a very effective platform for you to track buyers and sellers as well as their property preferences and your communication history with them. It’s also easy to differentiate contact types in Salesforce so you can include outside vendors such as contractors, service techs, repair professionals, or others. These may be vendors needed by your clients as they prepare to sell or purchase a property. Your ability to have these names readily available shows you to be a resource which helps grow your clients’ confidence in you as a trusted partner in their real estate transactions. The robust functionality of accounts and contacts in Salesforce gives you data at your fingertips to help you provide personalized service for new and returning clients.

Built-in Real Estate CRM Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is an equally important part of any real estate business. It’s essential to maintain a healthy pipeline of new potential clients and Salesforce’s set up for tracking leads and enabling communications with them is highly useful and one of the reasons it is the best real estate CRM software. With Salesforce, users are able to capture and track leads throughout the sales lifecycle – regardless of whether the lead comes in from a webform, an email, a referral, or any other source. Salesforce gives real estate businesses the ability to assign leads to specific agents and to track the status of all leads throughout the sales cycle. It’s also possible to automate many aspects of lead nurturing and follow up within the Salesforce platform.

Real Estate Email Marketing Templates

Email marketing templates to communicate with new leads or to maintain contact with previous customers are very useful. Salesforce makes email template set up, deployment, and tracking seamless for businesses. This enables real estate firms to know exactly what email communications have been sent to customers and is especially useful when companies want to direct certain property features to different client groups. With Salesforce, real estate businesses are able to create targeted email campaigns for their intended new customer audience or with existing and previous customers. Businesses can track email engagement for more effective lead nurturing and management keeping them connected with clients.

Ensuring your agents and brokers stay informed of new tasks and developments is easily accomplished in Salesforce with task automation. Task automation enables Salesforce users to assign each other tasks so they never miss a beat in moving a marketing opportunity to a lead, a lead to a listing, and a listing to a sale. Throughout the sales lifecycle, real estate professionals receive notifications and reminders from Salesforce to help them stay on top of tasks. They are also able to collaborate with others on the platform to stay ahead of key activities. Chatter allows your agents to share information, ask questions, and work on deals and opportunities. With this functionality, team members stay connected, share knowledge, and deliver seamless customer experiences.

Transaction Management in Real Estate

Transaction management in real estate can be complicated. However, a tool like Salesforce makes managing all the elements of a sale from the beginning when you contract as a buyer’s or seller’s agent all the way through offer and closing simple and straightforward. Not only can these elements each be tracked as you desire in specific objects in the system, but also Salesforce integrates with other systems so data can be automatically uploaded. This enables you to be sure Salesforce contains the most up-to-date listing and other transaction details so you or your agents may use them as you work through a deal.

The integration functionality of Salesforce truly makes it stand out as the best CRM for real estate. The design of Salesforce allows for it to integrate seamlessly with many different systems beyond data uploads for multiple listing services (MLS). Other types of data that easily integrate with Salesforce to merge and consolidate data in one system are third party applications and services used for property valuation, document management systems, etc. All of these sources of information can be leveraged in Salesforce to help streamline your team’s workflows and enhance productivity.


Reporting is also a truly unique feature in Salesforce that makes it stand out as the best CRM for real estate businesses. The robustness of the reporting and dashboard functionality in Salesforce truly differentiates it from other offerings available for real estate firms. In Salesforce, you can report on anything. Reports provide real time insight into how your team is doing with properties in a particular price range, neighborhood or area, track lifecycle of deals from client signing to deal closing, etc. You are able to monitor the details of your business that are most essential for you to track progress and the growth of your firm. You can use this information to analyze trends and patterns in your business that give you very valuable insights about trends and new opportunities.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile accessibility is essential for real estate agents and brokers. The power of the Salesforce mobile app truly sets it apart from other technology platforms. On the Salesforce app, real estate professionals are able to do anything they would otherwise do from their desktop. This is critical for agents and brokers out showing properties or meeting with existing or potential clients. This type of system access gives professionals tremendous capabilities to drive efficiency – regardless of where they are.

Training and Support

Training and support are vital to make deployment of any new CRM successful. The training and support available with Salesforce are additional features that make it the best real estate CRM software. What truly differentiates Salesforce as a CRM of choice for real estate professionals is the onboarding process and concierge set up available with reliable and independent Salesforce partners who not only help you with tasks like data migration and system setup but also provide ongoing customized training and support to your users. Independent Salesforce partners like CloudArc will work directly with you and your team to identify how you want to implement your Salesforce organization.

  • They will help you navigate all the choices available to new Salesforce users but with an eye for the real estate sector given their prior experience working with real estate and property management professionals.
  • You will receive practical advice from Salesforce experts on setting up basic objects like accounts and contacts as well as sound feedback about how to optimize use of reports and dashboards.
  • They will also help you set up workflows and other automations – but only if you truly need them. CloudArc’s experienced staff won’t push features on you that will unnecessarily drive up your cost without corresponding benefit to your bottom line.

CloudArc consultants have worked with real estate CRM clients and understand their customers’ needs

CloudArc consultants have worked with real estate clients and understand their customers’ needs when it comes to managing potential customers, properties, communications, and work processes, all while effectively integrating Salesforce with other critical tools that support a successful real estate business. Independent Salesforce partners like CloudArc can help you understand your specific system requirements, customize the Salesforce platform accordingly, and guide you through the implementation process to ensure a successful deployment.

What’s more, you will have their staff available for training and support for the duration of your contract with them. It’s for these reasons that Salesforce truly stands out as the best real estate CRM software.

Steve Snapp, CloudArc Founder

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