Choosing the Right Fit: CRM Software Monday vs Salesforce Showdown for Your CRM Needs

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Choosing the Right Fit CRM Software Monday vs Salesforce CRM CloudArc

Published: Dec. 2023 | By: Steve Snapp, CloudArc Founder

Choosing the Right Fit explained by CloudArc: CRM Software Monday vs Salesforce Showdown for Your CRM Needs

Have you been looking for the most suitable customer relationship management (CRM) software for your business? There are many CRM software choices on the market and two major players include Salesforce and Below is an overview of each offering to give you a better understanding of the advantages and drawbacks of each.

The CRM software Monday (or was launched as a product in 2014. With a focus on project and team management, provides tools for task management, collaboration, and project tracking. With the CRM Monday, users are able to support their business’s planning activities, as well as track and execute on business projects. While it also includes the ability to track accounts and contacts, the core functionality of the CRM Monday is targeted around project and team management. Users are able to create project plans in the system as well as set deadlines, assign tasks and resources, and track overall progress.

The CRM Monday is marketed as unique due to the way visual project timelines can be shown in the system. Fans of like it for the ease with which they can integrate tasks into their calendars as well. This CRM, Monday, is a useful tool to help users work as a team on projects.

Founded in 1999 to be a world class company for sales force automation via the internet, Salesforce rapidly gained users around the globe.

The system quickly grew beyond serving only sales and marketing teams. It is now used by businesses globally for not only sales management and automation but for project tracking, task automation and overall efficiency improvements for entities working in sales, as service providers and even in government sectors given the ease with which it can be customized for users’ needs as well as its robust security. Indeed, Salesforce makes tracking of accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities very simple. Using custom fields and objects that are easy to add to a business’s Salesforce org, Salesforce serves as a powerful system to integrate a company’s sales information as well as all details related to customer interactions and even internal workflows and project tracking. Businesses can also add video libraries to cover their specific training needs to onboard or refresh existing staff on processes and procedures. This highly accessible video content helps companies run smoothly and achieve goals.


What’s even more impressive is the ease with which Salesforce can be integrated with other systems in use by a business as well as how straightforward it is to collaborate inside the system.

For example, many businesses have enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that track company data around financials and budgets, human resources, and sometimes sales, orders, etc. Most ERP systems can easily be integrated with Salesforce so data from those ERP systems are accessible inside Salesforce as it relates to specific user needs.
With Salesforce, users are also able to manage projects,set deadlines, assign tasks and resources, and track overall progress. The features inside the system allow for easy collaboration with team members as well as facilitate clear and trackable communication with other teams in the business and with customers. Emails are easily associated with records so users can also see what communications have occurred with customers or colleagues. They can also view the activity history associated with a customer (account or contact), project, or even a ticket or order so it’s always obvious where an activity is in the workflow unique to users’ processes.

The ticket system that is part of Salesforce enables businesses to stay on top of internal and customer requests.

The processes associated with tickets allow for streamlined customer interactions which sustain high customer satisfaction and transparency as your business fulfills internal and external requests.

While Salesforce started as a system targeted for sales-oriented businesses, it has evolved to be a leader in work management system for all types of private and public businesses in various disciplines.

Whether your business is in sales, manufacturing, service provision, real estate, health care or any other discipline, the features of Salesforce make it a powerful offering that extend beyond traditional sales-focused CRMs. These added features as well the training and support available for it make it unique amongst other software tools.

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