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CloudArc supports Salesforce partner program, salesforce partner community for over 20 years
Date Published: January 29, 2024 by: Steve Snapp, CloudArc Founder

CloudArc been a Salesforce partner for more than 20 years.

As part of the Salesforce Partner Program, we have supported the Salesforce Partner Community users as consultants and are licensed providers.

Below are more details about the types of partners in the Salesforce Partner Program as well as an overview of how CloudArc supports the program.

There are 5 primary types of Salesforce partners:

system integrator (SI) partners, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners, independent software vendor (ISV) partners, value added resellers (VAR), and outsourced service provider (OSP) partners.

SI – System integrators

System integrators (SIs) can work with you as a Salesforce partner to help you design the ideal solution for your business needs. The solution may leverage all different Salesforce offerings (E.g, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Platform, etc.) SIs work on a consulting basis and are not able to sell Salesforce licenses.

ISV – Independent software vendors

Independent software vendors (ISVs) are Salesforce partners who have built an app available on Salesforce’s App Exchange. The apps available from ISVs sit “on top of” a business’s Salesforce software subscription. ISVs are usually not able to sell licenses directly from Salesforce’s core product catalog but instead only sell apps that complement or enhance Salesforce products.

OEM – Original equipment manufacturers

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are Salesforce partners who have usually built an app for Salesforce but they may also sell the Salesforce license to customers. Hence, they are able to sell licenses to both the app(s) they have built as well as to the Salesforce catalog items such as Salesforce Platform. However, OEMs generally are prohibited from selling Sales Cloud or Service Cloud.

VAR – Value added resellers

Value added resellers (VARs) are similar to OEMs but more like system integrators in that they provide consulting support for customers as well as licenses. Again, Salesforce VAR partners generally cannot sell Sales Cloud or Service Cloud but they do offer Salesforce Platform licenses.


OSP – Outsourced service provider

The last type of Salesforce partner is an outsourced service provider (OSP). Salesforce OSP partners have the ability to sell customers licenses to Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and most other offerings in the Salesforce catalog. A key objective for OSP partners is to help Salesforce users considering Salesforce cancellation. OSP partners are skilled in identifying the key components of Salesforce they need and helping clients adjust their license subscription accordingly. This helps customers achieve cost savings as well as precisely identify the exact functionality they need without a lot of extras that will go unused and add expense for their business. They remain Salesforce customers but with a much more targeted license package suited to their specific needs based on careful analysis by the OSP partner.

As a Salesforce partner for more than 20 years, CloudArc serves Salesforce customers as an SI, OSV, OEM, VAR and OSP. We have contracts with Salesforce to work with customers in each of the five partner roles previously described. Depending on a customer’s needs, we will identify exactly what is best suited for them. We do this by assessing a potential customer’s current Salesforce org and licenses to identify what businesses are and are not using in Salesforce. We do this through our Salesforce health check process.

Conclusion: Salesforce Partner Program, Salesforce Partner Community

With each Salesforce health check we conduct, we will make recommendations to customers about how they might better structure their licenses as well as optimize the objects and fields in their Salesforce org to accomplish their business goals. Using our value design process, we will identify ways in which customers can maximize the return on investment from Salesforce. Going through this process has enabled us to help customers save up to 50% of what they were once spending on Salesforce. You might be wondering how we are able to save customers so much. The answer is simple: with careful assessment of what the customer actually uses in Salesforce and adjusting their licenses accordingly.

We have worked with multiple industries that include but are not limited to construction and building materials, medical, real estate, manufacturing, and others.

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Steve Snapp, CloudArc Founder

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